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This is a site about Darren and Janell Robinson.  The "OUR LATEST" Page is the most important page on this site, because it is the only one we update regularly.  The Pictures page contains old pictures from my years before moving to Iowa and Saipan.  I need to build a new picture site, but have not gotten around to it yet.  The Videos page is also down unfortunately.  I intend to fix it soon.  The Kessia page is about Kessia and works great.  You should visit it.


Darren and Janell met in Provo, UT in 2005.  You should ask us how we met, because it is a riveting story of fate, spinal fractures, triumph, trajedy, and an epic tennis tournament.  It is so good, that I prefer to tell it in person

A year and a half after our epic meeting, we married.  Yay!  Janell and I loved Provo, but decided to attend law school in Iowa.  Iowa turned out to be an ideal choice.  Iowa is a wonderful place to live and particularly to raise a family.  Whenever we go anywhere else in the US or abroad we end up comparing the place to Iowa.  These comparisons always make Iowa look really good. 

After Law school, I accepted a position with the Northern Mariana Islands Attorney General's Office on the Island of Saipan.  the Northern Mariana Islands are a US territory just north of guam.  The Island of Saipan is the capital and really is as beautiful as these pictures reflect.  The wheather here is perfect.  It is between 75 and 90 degees all year around.  There are an assortment of challenges here, but few a day on the beach cannot solve.  Again, See the "our latest" page for details on our day to day lives.