Where to begin

There are always geckos in the house.They crawl around the walls and they don’t
really bother us much, since they are harmless and eat other house pests.Lillia really likes to chase them around the house
and actually caught one a few days ago.
She grabbed its tail. Fortunately for the gecko, the tail detached, and
the reptile got away.The tail, writhed
and wriggled like a fish out of water, which was actually a little disturbing,
but Lillia seemed to like it.


Anyway, we just moved to the Northern Mariana Islands.The Attorney General hired me a few weeks
before I graduated and we flew up a month ago.
A year ago at this time, we had not even heard of the island.Who would have ever thought an Iowa law
degree would take me half way around the world? (That was rhetorical.No need to comment that you thought that an
Iowa law degree would take me that far.)


The pictures below were taken within a block of our
apartment.Thanks for visiting.


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