Lillia’s Birthday


We celebrated Lillia’s Birthday at micro beach.  She has finally reached the terrible age of two.  And it’s about time, because she has been terrible for the last 6 months.  Actually Lillia is a sweetheart and is usually very happy.Although she began throwing violent tantrums since age one and a half, she compensates by giving lots of hugs and kisses and the worlds cutest smiles.  She cries when I leave every day and when I come home, she runs to me and says I miss you.I don’t care how cute your puppy is, it can’t do those things.

I like the picture of Lillia and me from behind.  Not only does it make our life here look like a tropical vacation, but it looks like I’m in a Corona commercial, except with a baby instead of a beer.

Janell and I are really enjoying ourselves here.Janell is making lots of new friends, including several other American women with babies and children.She goes to the beach with Lillia at least twice a week.  As for me, I’m really into coconuts right now.  You can just find them lying around and cut them open and eat them.I bought a machete, sharpened it up, and cut one open yesterday.  After extracting the juice and meat, I cut off the top and made a planter out of it to grow fresh cilantro (one of the things hard to find on the island)It made me feel so islandy.  Thanks for visiting.

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