Beach Picnic

On Thursday night, right after work, we packed our dinner in a bag and headed to the beach.  We ate our food while watching the most beautiful sunset.  We forgot our cameras or we would have posted pictures.  Lillia has been a little afraid of the water since we have gotten here.  The tide coming in and out kinda worried her.  But just this last Thursday she put her fears aside.  She walked right in.  She even began kicking in the water as we carried her.  At this rate she will be swimming by age 3.  Our neighbors have a 4 year old girl who surfs.  She is always on the local TV channel.

For my birthday dinner we went to the revolving restaurant.  The restaurant is on the top floor of the business center and has a great view.  What’s even better is that the dining area is constantly rotating to give you a different view of the island.  I had never thought a revolving restaurant would be in my price range, especially with a tropical ocean view, but the prices in this place were close to Olive Garden prices.  Thanks for visiting.

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