Life in Des Moines

I have not posted an entry in over a year now.  Shame on me.  Catching up on everything that has happened in this entry would be too daunting a task to even contemplate, so i will just sum it up.  Last July, I took a new job in West Des Moines and we have been enjoying life in a more urban environment.  Eliza is happy, healthy, and very strong.  Lillia is 4 and is still a charmer.  She has wonderful social skills and is getting very good at drawing and coloring.  I like my job, but traditional office life is making me fat.  Janell is happy, but very busy with her new calling in the relief society.  I have been able to cut down my hours to spend more time at home, but it is still challenging.  We bought a house in October and have dug our heels in.

We still miss Saipan. Sometimes terribly.  But we really like it here.   I have posted a few pics below.


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