It’s Great to be 8!



This post is by me, Lillia. A few days ago was my birthday!  And I turned 8.  I had cake, presents and a flying disco ball!!!  Let’s Party!  When I opened my first it was a game called slamwitch.  Then I opened my second present and it was a dinosaur digging kit.  And then my third present was a scuba diving kit from Granny.  I also got a set of Geodes and 2 rock collections.  One collection came with a book and a magnifying glass and the other came with a book and a game.  I also got a skateboard.  then we had cake.  It was 3 layer cake with cream cheese frosting and chocolate chips all over it.  And my whole family sang happy birthday.  So I blew out the candles, but just then, I found out they were relighting birthday candles.  I blew and blew and blew and blew, but they just kept coming back.  Click on the link below to see a video.  My dad had to put them out with his finglers.  And then my mom smashed my face in the cake.  It looked like I had a mud-mask on, but white.  and I had sloppy joes for dindin.and soon ill  get baptized and so , thats why it,s great to be eight!!!




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