Life in Des Moines

I have not posted an entry in over a year now.  Shame on me.  Catching up on everything that has happened in this entry would be too daunting a task to even contemplate, so i will just sum it up.  Last July, I took a new job in West Des Moines and we have been enjoying life in a more urban environment.  Eliza is happy, healthy, and very strong.  Lillia is 4 and is still a charmer.  She has wonderful social skills and is getting very good at drawing and coloring.  I like my job, but traditional office life is making me fat.  Janell is happy, but very busy with her new calling in the relief society.  I have been able to cut down my hours to spend more time at home, but it is still challenging.  We bought a house in October and have dug our heels in.

We still miss Saipan. Sometimes terribly.  But we really like it here.   I have posted a few pics below.


Omaha Zoo


Last week we went to the Omaha Zoo.  SOme say it is even better than the San diego zoo.  The layout is better, but there are not as many animals.  I wouldn’t say better, but it is an outstanding zoo.




Leaving Paradise

So, eventually we had to leave our tropical paradise home and return to our beloved Iowa.  The short version is that we were blessed with a new member of our family.  Unfortunately, early ultrasounds revealed that, she, like Lillia, had hydrocephalus.  She would need brain surgery shortly after birth and then need several follow ups throughout the year.  The closest pediatric neurosurgeon was in the Philippines.  We could not figure out a way for it to work, so I started looking for jobs in Iowa.  I found a great job in a great little Iowa town and could not pass up on the opportunity.

It was hard to leave Saipan, but we are thrilled to start our new life in Humboldt.  I could probably devote a whole blog to that last sentence, but I won’t, because too much sentimentality gives me a headache.  I stead I will just write a little about how we are doing now.  Eliza was born on November 26 and, miraculously, did not have to have the shunt surgery.  Essentially, her head inexplicably fixed itself, which we chalk up to divine miracle.  All in all she is pretty healthy.  Although she has several abnormalities, none of them pose a significant threat to her health.  Also, of less importance, she is cute.

My next Few entries will probably backtrack to some of the things we missed.  Thanks for visiting!

Comming Soon

Ever have one of these days?