Monthly Archives: December 2008

Into the West

Our plane is delayed, so we are in the hairport writing this entry because the internet is too slow for Janell to watch Heroes or Ugly Betty episodes on Hulu.  They say it is just an engine inspection so we should be on our way soon. Janell Bought her first pair of glasses this week, because her eyes went on strike and refused to accept her contacts.  They really look good and compliment her face.  Anyway, we are so excited to be with family during the break.  There may not be many more instances where we can take this long of a break.  It will also be a good break for us too.  I finished my first exams and am glad to have them out of the way, but am anxious to see the result.

let it snow


     Not much too report this week.  It was 2 degrees last night and windy which makes Salt Lake look like the banana belt as Grandpa Robinson called it.  Our heating works great, however, there is only enough hot water at any given moment to fill half the half the tub.  It isn’t cold inside the law building so I don’t really care, but Janell freezes when she has recess.  Merry Christmas to all!