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Week in Review

It is a beautiful day in Iowa City.  The grass is greener than green, and although most trees are still bare, some blossoms have begun to appear.  The temperature for the last week has been between 50 and 70 which has been amazing.  Iowa is now a place worth living in.  I suppose I should redesign the blog to reflect a spring theme.  Maybe after finals. It is a shame that we will be leaving for the Summer.  We will be here few a few more happy warm months before the deep dark winter descends once again.  Next year, however, we will be ready.  Anyway, we sang in a belated Easter sacrament meeting today and Janell gave a great lesson on consecration.  Now we are relaxing after a long week.  I did a mock billing schedule this week and would have billed 60 hours and worked 77.  That’s more than usual.  I hope to never get a job that makes me work that much, but it is good to know that I physically could handle it (in  theory).  Maybe we will post another news broadcast if I can convince Janell to help me.  Oh well.  Happy Spring!

Weakly News

Watch our first ad lib news broadcast.  Later Janell will help me and it will turn out better.