Monthly Archives: July 2009

Finally settled in Bussels

Janell and I flew out of Cairo a week ago and spent a few days in Paris.  It was pretty nice.  It would have been more nice if we weren’t sick from something we ate in Cairo and the French people weren’t rude to us.  Then again, without rude French people, it would not really be France.  Anyway, Janell and I climbed all 668 Eiffel tower steps.  I was so proud of Janell for going where no pregnant woman has done before (that I personally know.  We then climbed down and haggled with the Arabs to get really good deals on the cheap souvenirs they were selling.  For a minute it was like being back in Cairo.  In both Paris and Cairo, people on the street try to sell you stuff and if you do not talk them down to at least a third of what they are asking, you are getting ripped off.  That being said, the sites were amazing.  The Louvre was fantastically beautiful.  Even the walls and doors were exquisite.  It could have done without some of the nudity though.  In school, we learn that some artists rendered nude artworks.  What we now realize is that almost all artists did and most the paintings in the Louvre feature nudity.  Oh Well.  We are in the international city of Brussels, which we will write about in a different entry.  Briefly our apt. is great, and we are settled in and enjoying our time.  Cheers!