Monthly Archives: December 2009

Oh Fish Sticks

Oh fish sticks! Winter started.  We got a few feet of snow early this week, and Iowa declared a snow emergency and cancled University classes.  Unfortunately they did not send out the email until I was already at the law school taking my final.  I got stuck twice and had to push two cars free just to get into the institute parking lot.  Anyway, its warming up and except for that one day, winter has not hit too hard.  Janell is super excited to fly to see family for Christmas.  She has been a super mommy and needs a break.  I would post a picture of her head on supergirl’s body, but when I Googled supergirl all the pictures were scandalously immodest.  I guess supergirl is not that super, morally.

I learned from my home teaching companion that his fellow med students voted Lillia the cutest baby in pediatric surgery.  I suppose that makes her Miss Pediatric surgery 2009.  Congratulations Lillia.  You have earned it.  She also was a favorite among the nurses.  They would always give her extra attention and tell us how cute she is.  Happy holidays!


Lillia went in for her abdomen surgery on Wednesday.  All went well and I am tired of writing about medical stuff so we shall leave it at that.  We will have our sweety back home tomorrow it seems.  Horahhh!  It is actually a few days ahead of schedule.  Janell is crushed because we were planning on watching Twighlight tomorrow, but we can’t because a few days early.  She will get over it though.  We are adding a new video to replace the old one which we don’t like as much.  Anyway, here are some pictures of our healing little baby.