Monthly Archives: January 2010

Sorry, no penguins this week.  Lillia is being very sweet, but I wish she would cry a little less.  She has been uncharacteristically fussy the last two days.  Her cardiologist said she is doing so well that we could potentially push back her next surgery untill she is four.  We probably will want to take care of it sooner, since her PDA may be interfering with her weight gain.  Janell and I are doing fine.  Have a great day!

This week

We went to the temple this Saturday.  We could not find a clean warm outfit for Lillia so we put a penguin costume on her.  We were going to save it until Halloween but it was so soft and warm that we could not resist.  We are back into the swing of things here in Iowa.  I have clinic this semester, so I spend all day in the clinic doing legal work.  It is a nice change of pace.  I am doing employment law, which is what I have been wanting to do.

I ( Janell) have been enjoying being home with Lillia. Lillia enjoys smiling and taking baths and going on walks in her stroller in our local mall ( because it is WAY too cold outside).  She has had trouble keeping her tongue in in her mouth the last few days. Lillia also likes to sit up on our laps so she can see everything that is going on. She has been sleeping longer hours, especially at night time. ( horray!)

Winter break

I had written an entire posting when I found out that in Google Chrome, cntrl W closes the broser and you lose everything.  So if you are trying to capitalize “w” and you mess up you lose everything.  Instead of writing again, I will just list a bunch of words about the topics I discussed:  Vegas bowl, Utah trip, lazy Europeans, baby blessing, family, 5 generations, brief, baby beating, video page, don’t do drugs.  Here are some pictures.  More pictures are coming, once I receive them by email.