Monthly Archives: February 2010

Let’s Talk Cookies

Lillia is healthy and happy, and when she’s happy, we’re happy.  Therefore we are happy and life is good.  Janell has been busy with her new calling as primary secretary.  She has tons of great ideas for our ward’s kids.  I was in DC for a moot court competition two weeks ago, during the storm Obama called “snowmageddon.”  over 20 inches fell in metropolitin DC.  It was almost surreal  to see the normally busy DC streets entirely empty.

Janell’s favorite cookies are chocolate chocolate chip cookies, and mine are just plain chocolate.  Right now Janell’s favorite is winning the polls, but I don’t mind, because chocolate chocolate chip cookies taste great.  I am the real cookie fiend the the relationship.  I can’t resist good chocolate chip cookies.  They are both my best friend and mortal enemy.  Janell craves chocolate cake; warm cake, with frosting, she adds.  our problem is that we like desserts in general too much.  A few weeks ago, we decided to limit our dessert intake.  Now we only eat desserts on Sundays, family night, date nights (Friday and Saturday), holidays, social events, and special occasions.  That may seem like a lot of exceptions, but to us it is progress.  Thanks for visiting, and check out our videos page for new Lillia videos!