Monthly Archives: May 2010

Lillia, a cow in the mall, and Mothers’ Day fish

Janell and I were walking through the coralville mall with Lillia when we ran into a man in a cow costume.  We thought Lillia would either be fascinated or very afraid.  As it turned out, when we put her close to the cow, she displayed no reaction whatsoever.  I guess she is just too sophisticated to get excited about a man in a cow costume.  That probably means taking her to Disneyland would be a waste of time at her age. oh well.  Anyway, mother’s day was fun.  I thought it would be cute to buy a live tilapia to cook for dinner.  I set it out on the table on mothers’ day morning with the breakfast I made for Janell.  It turns out tilapia are much harder to kill than the trout I killed as a boy scout.  Also, I have become far more squeamish since than.  I battled with my own sympathies for five minutes before hitting it on the head with a hammer.  And then it kept moving about so I hit it 5 more times before gutting it.  The fish tasted very good and fresh, but it was totally not worth it.  At the moment, I am in Los Angeles working with a law firm and Janell is in Utah visiting family.  She will join me for 2 weeks before we head back to Iowa City to spend the rest of the summer working for the state of Iowa.  It is nice to be able to split my summer and experience the public and the private side of the law.  Thank you for visiting!