Monthly Archives: August 2010

Butter Cow

Kaleb came up a few weeks ago and we went to Nauvoo to see the pagent and the old city.  There is a special spirit there because of the Saints’ sacrifices.  President Hinkley said that everyone should visit Nauvoo some time in their lives.  Anyway, we saw the pagent and on the way stopped in Swedesberge.  Swedesburg is a little town in Iowa where a bunch of Swedes live.  They have a Swedish Museum and Swedish restaurant, but they were closed.  There is a giant straw goat at the entrance of the city.  Kaleb and I tried to feed it grass.  It did not eat the grass it because it wasn’t alive. 


















Lillia is adored by one and all.  Everyone comments that she is a regular Gerber baby and the prettiest baby they have ever seen.  She crawls around and can never hold still which is cute, but makes her a handfull.  She actually skipped scooting because she is really long and skinny which made it easier to crawl and harder to scoot.  See our video page for the latest giggly video.




Janell and I finally are changing our eating habits.  No more giant desserts every night for us!  It truly was a golden age.  Oh well. Janell joined a gym and I am taking a grappling class and helping people move.  We are in a married student ward so during this time of year we have at least 2 or 3 moves a week.  I count it as both service and exercise. 


We went to the Iowa State fair on Friday.  It is the best state fair in the country.  They have a life size cow made out of butter and a bunch of huge Dr. Seuss stuff also made out of butter.  I wonder what they will do with the butter when it is over. They also sold all kinds of fried things like fried Twinkies, fried candy bars, fried Oreos, fried pickles, fried butter, and fried cake.  Janell and I suspended our nutrition goals and ate a fried snickers bar.  It was like a corn dog except with snickers instead of a hot dog.