Monthly Archives: December 2011


A lot has happened since last time I posted, but I am only going to write about three things:

First, we picked up some shells from Marine Beach on an evening beach picnic, and left them on the kitchen table.  In the middle of the night, we heard a scraping and scratching sound in the bathroom.  I went to investigate and found the largest shell we collected, scuttling around under the sink.  Lillia loved it, so we kept it for a week as a pet.  Eventually we had to let it go because it began to stink.

Not sure if I mentioned this already, but Janell is teaching a seminary class with 15 kids in it.  She is doing a great job and all the students really like her class.  She takes the scooter down the hill and across the island every morning at 6:00 AM.  Another member of the ward saw her on his way to work and commented on how tough Janell must be.  Janell says that taking the scooter is actually really fun.  The weather is so pleasant and the island is so beautiful that there is no better way to travel.  It is a real stress reliever for me as well.

Janell bought me a tortilla maker for my birthday, which is perfect because, I love tortillas, but they are so expensive here, and they are never fresh.  We have been making tortillas at least once a week since then.  Our favorite meal so far has been the fresh fish tacos we made.  We bought a fresh Mahi Mahi.  I Filleted it and Janell fried it and made the tortillas and our secret white sauce.  Best fish tacos ever.  It is similar to Rubios fish tacos, except that we used ultra fresh fish, so ours is better.