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Three banana bunches fell in our yard last month and we have been keeping them outside until they ripen. One day I noticed that some of the ripe bananas had holes in the peel and were half eaten. Since we moved in, we have spotted roosters running through our yard and into the jungle. We hear them crow every morning. Lately we have seen them closer to the house.
While staring at the half-eaten bananas, I finally put it together. Sure enough, the next morning I looked out the window and saw 5 roosters and a chicken pecking at our bananas. “Curse you jungle roosters!” I cried. I went outside to assess the damage and found that the roosters must have gorged themselves because they ate almost half a dozen bananas. Now the bananas that are not ruined are inside so the roosters can’t get them, but the whole incident got me thinking. I wonder if roosters fed on bananas would be sweet and tender like bananas.” I guess there is only one way to find out. My other thought is, why didn’t Popoi (our guard dog) chase them away. Lazy useless dog. How can he protect us if he can’t even protect bananas from chickens. Oh well. I just met a guy that eats dogs and maybe we will have to have a barbecue. As we are putting Popoi on the grill I will summon my best Schwarzenegger voice and say, “you’re fired.” Ok, OK, I could never eat Popoi. I like him and he barks menacingly at people who come near the house. Plus he makes this yelping sound that resembles human speech when he is hungry. Further, I find myself referring to Popoi as “he” rather than “it,” whereas I refer to most of my meals at “it”.
Pictures to follow

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