Monthly Archives: May 2012

What’s New?

Janell is finishing up an entire year of teaching high school kids the old testament.  Although she did a phenomenal job, I did scold her the other day for not telling her kids about Elisha and the she bears.  Nothing could be more important than teaching teenagers that if they make fun of a prophet’s baldness bears may tear them apart.  For anyone viewing this who is unfamiliar with the story, Elisha is coming down the mount after Elijah had just passed to him his prophetic mantle, when some children began to mock him saying, “go up thou bald head, go up thou bald head.”  Elisha cursed them and two she bears immediately came from the woods and tore them to pieces.  Forty and two pieces to be precise.  2 Kings 2:23-24.  That’ll teach em.

We let Lillia pick out a puppy last week, she picked a cute little white boonie dog and named it Kipper.  It is nice and fluffy and is going to be a great friend to Lillia, when it stops dragging her around by her dress and chewing on her arm.   We have been training him not to do that, and he is learning fairly quickly.  At this point he is pretty good about not harassing her, but Lillia still has her reservations about her new pet.

Calling all avocado recipes!  It is avocado season and our trees produce a shopping bag full of giant avocados every few days.  We eat lots of guacamole every day, we put it on sandwiches, once I just spread a bunch of it on bread and called it lunch.  I even put some in a smoothie so Lillia would eat it.   We re loving it but have to give a lot away and lots of it goes bad before we can eat it.