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On to Las Cruces New Mexico

canyon hill hill2 pan

After five fabulous years in the great state of Iowa, we took a job in beautiful Las Cruces, New Mexico.  It is a beautiful desert town of about 100K people, about 50 minutes away from El Paso and the Mexican border.  It is surrounded by scenic desert and mountains and is a growing retirement community.  We are looking forward to mild winters and long summers.  The main industry is pecan and chili pepper production.  You can drive four miles through the large green pecan trees, which seem out of place in the middle of the desert.  Las Cruces is close to the town of Hatch, which grows the best chili peppers in the world.  Las Cruces is also home to New Mexico State University.  Go Aggies!

There is a robust LDS community in town, including 7 wards.  The major builders in the area have LDS roots.  There is a neighborhood with a Nephite Court, a Lamanite Court and a Jaredite Ct.  We almost Bought a house in Lamanite Ct.  Instead, we bought a lovely brand new house in a brand new subdivision organized by the stake president.

We are enjoying our time here and have already enjoyed a few interesting adventures, including the time Janell accidentally went to mexico without any passport or ID for the kids.  I will try to get her to tell the story.  Be sure to check out our photos page.

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