Monthly Archives: September 2017

New House

We just moved into a brand new house and am enjoying the nice “new house’ smell. We are right across from Lillia’s school and a super fancy playground. The playground includes a splash pad and 100 foot zip line. It’s not what you would really expect from a small neighborhood surrounded by desert, but there it is. Our backyard is small, but if you ignore the wall behind it, it appears endless. Take a look at the view out the back window.

backNot too shabby, eh.
Our old house in Iowa was super cool, with its 3 floors, beautiful lawn and trees, and view of the old cemetary. We frequently saw opossums, racoons, squirrels and various birds stealing food from our back porch and once we saw a bunch of vultures eating a squirell in our back yard. Everything there was close by. We were within 15 minutes 4 malls, 3 walmarts, downtown Des Moines, the Iowa State Fair, my office, the zoo, the science center, the airport and less than 5 minutes from the governor’s mansion and Drake University. The finished basement was a devoted play room. it was really nice to be able to quarantine the toy mess to a single floor. When the kids had too much energy, we would find excuses to send them from the play room back to their rooms several times. all that climbing would invariably tire them out.
Some things, I will miss, like never having to water the lawn, and. . . having a lawn. By the way, anyone want to buy a lawnmower and edger? Other things, I won’t, like clearing away all the fallen tree branches after a storm and sharing the upstairs bathroom with three girls.
Anyway, thanks for visiting and reading this boring post. We will include some fun stories in the future.