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Welcome Gabriel Leon Robinson!!!




Hi everybody.  Janell here.  on October 17, 2017, we welcomed a new member of our family: Baby boy Robinson.  It took us 3 days after his birth to come up with his name.  With our daughters we knew their names months before they were born.  with Gabriel it was a bit harder.  We like the name Gabriel, and Atticus from “To Kill a Mocking Bird” and Leon after Darren’s Grandfather.

Any way he weighed 5 pounds 14 ounces and was 18.5 inches long.  I had a big knot in his umbilical cord, which may explain his lower birth weight.  He was a scheduled C- section.  Darren was with me for the birth and my mom came to help me with the girls.  We were in the hospital for 3 days before going home.  It was the first time the baby was actually with us in the hospital.  The other two times, our babies were in the nicu while I recovered.

I feel like I could get up and move a lot faster after this one.  I also felt like I had more side effects, like swelling, head aches and gas pain by my collar bone.  But within a week I felt almost like my old self.

I am so happy to have a son, and that he is so healthy!  I have been nervous to have a little boy since I grew up with sisters.  So raising a boy is a little intimidating. ( I know that Darren is such an amazing dad and is so excited to have a son- it has been really cute to watch him interact with him and talk to him about all the things he will teach him as his dad ; wresting, track, camping, hiking…etc….)

I am so grateful for the little miracle that Gabriel is. After 3 miscarriages this was my last time trying before I was deciding to be grateful for the two girls I have and to move on with my life. I had alot of ultrasounds with him and during each one I was just waiting for the ultra sound technician to tell me something that was wrong but they kept telling me that he was going to be a small baby but that he looked totally healthy.

Thanks goes to my mom, my amazing husband and last but not least Leslie Knope for helping me survive the last two weeks. ;)   I am grateful but nervous to be a mom of 3 ( many people say that 3 is the “tipping point”)- you move from “man on man” defense to “zone” and mothers of three kids report being more stressed out than mothers with 4…5…6.. kids….I think researchers chalk up this phenomenon to the idea that if you have more then 3 kids you just chalk up chaos as a normal part of life and you learn as a parent to just “roll with the punches”…hahah

Eliza is my natural little mommy and loves to touch and “take care” of Gabriel. Eliza tells me at least 3-4 times a day, “mom- just make sure you take care of that baby.” She is very concerned about him and that he is happy. Lillia has taken a bit more convining to get her to warm up to Gabriel and convince her that she won’t break him- haha. They both are great big sisters and love having someone so cute and small in the house. They have been playing “babies” together none stop for the last week.



More pictures to follow.

Just a Day of sledding. . . at the Beach

esands sands sands2

White sands is like going to the snow and to the beach at the same time.  When we arrived, the white sand looked like snow.  To further the illusion we saw people with sleds sliding down the sand dunes. We found a place to park, and climbed the nearest dune.  We took off our shoes and ran around and played in the sand. as if at the beach.  we spread out a blanket and had a snack.  We watched the pink clouds and far off lightning until it got too dark and the lightning got too close.  We all had fun, but no one as much as Eliza.

See this video as well:

It’s Great to be 8!



This post is by me, Lillia. A few days ago was my birthday!  And I turned 8.  I had cake, presents and a flying disco ball!!!  Let’s Party!  When I opened my first it was a game called slamwitch.  Then I opened my second present and it was a dinosaur digging kit.  And then my third present was a scuba diving kit from Granny.  I also got a set of Geodes and 2 rock collections.  One collection came with a book and a magnifying glass and the other came with a book and a game.  I also got a skateboard.  then we had cake.  It was 3 layer cake with cream cheese frosting and chocolate chips all over it.  And my whole family sang happy birthday.  So I blew out the candles, but just then, I found out they were relighting birthday candles.  I blew and blew and blew and blew, but they just kept coming back.  Click on the link below to see a video.  My dad had to put them out with his finglers.  And then my mom smashed my face in the cake.  It looked like I had a mud-mask on, but white.  and I had sloppy joes for dindin.and soon ill  get baptized and so , thats why it,s great to be eight!!!




Snakes, Turtles and more snakes

Hi everybody.  Its me, Lillia. Today we visited the Chihuahua Desert Natural Park.  It is a only a few miles away from our house.  well, we were driving on the desert road.  my dad, spotted an animal crossing the road.  I figured out what animal it was.  TURTLE!!!!!!!!!!!  SO we pulled over. . . so we got a good look at it.  We figured it was an endangered tortoise.  so we let it go and hopped back into our car.  So we continued driving.  a few seconds after we did, we saw a rattle snake out of my sister’s window.  It was just laying on the side of the road.  so we got a good look at him (in the car).  And so as soon as we made it there, we started walking along the trail.  Dad was in front of us just to be safe from RATTLE SNAKES.  A few minutes after we passed a few signs, we bumped into another RATTLESNAKE!!!!  AAAAAAAAAHHHHH! RATTLESNAKE!  on the path.  RUN! So we found a different path. soon,we got to the end of the path on some benches my dad found in the bushes, a 4 foot long rattlesnake skin. But there were lots of ants on it.  so my dad flung them off. ” AAAAHHH!” the ants hollered.  And my dad made funny comments about the rattlesnake skin.  Like. . .

Rattlesnake: “I’m taking a shower, do do do do do.  now I am going to put my skin back on. . .  AAAAAHHHH, who took my skin?!?!?!?!”

Other rattlesnake: “ha ha your naked ha ha!”  (I added that part).

And so we took it home and put it in the garage.  It turned out to be a great Sunday adventure.  See the pictures below and click the links to see the videos