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Father’s Day




Look what the I got on Fathers day!

IMG_0768IMG_0769At the Chihuahua Desert Park today, Lillia, Eliza and I snuck up on a fat horned lizard while he sat around and ate ants.  While we snuck up on him, some big fat ants snuck up on Lillia and bit her ankles.  She screamed and we had to retreat, but we had fun anyway.

IMG_0801 IMG_0812 demidad

Friday, Lillia Ran 10 laps around the track. She only stopped to walk a few times. as a reward she got a frosty and a cookie from Wendy’s.
Gabriel goes into pushup position whenever on his stomach. He then pushes himself backwards across the floor. He will figure it out eventually.
The kids got me a fun shirt for fathers day.

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Camping at Aguirre Springs






Hello all,

Here are some pictures from our recent camping trip to Aguirre springs.  The girls had a great time.  Lillia spent most of the time chasing lizards around camp.  The Temple is the Albuquerque temple.  Had my training there for work.

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bench light tree liza tree



lizard temple tree 2