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Temple trip in Albuquerque

We went on a temple trip yesterday to albuquerque.  But wait! didn’t we go to Disney World this summer? Why didn’t you post something about that?!?!  Well, the answer is we were too tired when we got back, and we wanted to post about this trip while still fresh in mind.


The trip from Eliza’s perspective:

Umm, we went swimming and watched TV and we ate some popcorn and, and ,and we sleeped.  (Lillia is laughed). um we . . . Lillia, stop laughing.  And Lillia stand on the TV.  we went upstairs and we all went downstairs and gabriel ate oatmeal and we ate sausages and doughnuts and muffins for breakfast.  We packed the stuff in the car and went to the children’s museum.  THat’s all.


Lillia’s turn:

First we slept in the hotel in nice comfy beds.  and Gabriel loved the beds, he kept laying his head on them.  then when we woke up we went downstairs to get some stuffybreak.  We had waffles, sauasages, blueberry muffins, mini breaklfast doughnuts. and some juice.  Gabriel had cheerios and bananas for breakfast.  then we went swimming in the super cold freezing cold pool. daddy jumped in. I bet if gabriel jumped in, he would turn into a popsicle.  then we went into the hot tub, then dried ourselves off and went to the dollar store with Mommy.  I picked a squishy hotdog and a heart stuffy.  Liza got shopkins and a princess coloring book.  then we walked a little bit around the temple.and the we went to the children’s museum.  My favorite thing there was that we drew pictures and made our own animations.  thjen we went to this cool shark restaurant. Liza and I ordered french fries and grilled cheese.  and for dessert we each had one small piece of tiny cakes.  But the coolest thing of all were the sharks! two of them were just sittin around.  like duuuuuhhhh. another one was making the creepiest smile in our lives.  we also saw this moray eel talking to this brown shark.  and then we saw a sting ray and a turtle.  just when the right moment was right, giggle giggle, we saw the turtle poop sooo much! eeeewww!  then after we were done eating, we went all the way back to Las cruces.  I love going to Albuquerque!  My favorite thing of all was spending time with my family. OK, thats it.  Oh and one more thing, the morey eel said to the tiny brown shark, “Look at that big white shark.”  Eel, “Iknow, he’s such a showoff, isn’t he. By the way, do my spots lookj more like leopard spots of giraffe spots?”  Brown shark, “Meh, they look more like GIraffe spots.”    ;



Dad filling in the gaps: The Children’s museum was surprisingly fun and probably had over 100 exhibits for kids.  We used shadows to measure the distance around the earth, made giant bubbles, played with a thermal camera, and flew an airplane in a wind tunnel. As for the shark restaurant, there is a cafe in Albuquerque that shares a wall with the shark tank at the aquarium.  The food was average and a bit overpriced, but view was amazing.  See the pictures.  The turtle did cloud up the tank for a few minutes with his Feces.  It was a lot of poop, and was probably the highlight of the kids’ day.   Thanks for tuning in!