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  • Mom/Mirka/Grandma says:

    Love your thoughts on prop 8. You must hear what the LA Temple Presidency just told us regarding the prop 8 protestors around the LA Temple.

    As you know the church is being unfairly targeted by the No- on prop 8 activists. Their protests in front of the LA Temple have been seen and heard on TV and internet all over the world, with the following results:

    Leaders of other countries and churches including Islam, Catholic etc, are calling, e-mailing, writing us and thanking us(the church) for upholding traditional marriage. Some call and say I was anti Mormon and I still am, but thank you for what you did, I want to express my appreciation(talking to the temple) do you take Visa Card?. The temple president answers and says:” no we only take recommends“. The temple has received checks and they are placed in a special accounts for people around the world who needs help to get to a temple.

    Some call the temple and pronounce that they truly now can call us “brothers in Christ”, one very anti Mormon Baptist Minister from Thousand Oaks, who also thanked the Mormons added, “if not brothers in Christ at least cousins in Christ”

    Thursday the LA Temple found some white powder in their mail, and there was a lock down. No one could enter or leave. One temple worker, Talbot, who is a retired biochemist, took a look at it and said :”it is talcum powder”. During the lock down, the workers and patrons stuck in the different areas of the temple went to work and a record amount of sealings and initiatories took place that afternoon.

    Prophecy in fulfillment: Just before this prop 8 thing, Elder Uchtdorf laid his hands on the new LA temple pres. head and said you will see prophecy fulfilled, the LA Temple will as a light on a hill an ensign unto the world.

    As to my comment on your other notes, yes, you two are the cutest coule ever!(and funniest)

    Love and Smiles Mom/Mirka

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