Lillia Update

We are so grateful for all the prayers and help we have recieved in Lillia’s behalf. She has been such a strong little girl and we feel very priviliged to get to be her parents. This last week she experienced sugury where they put in a shunt and it seems to be working nicely. Her head cirumferance has gone down which is very good. She has finished her round of antibiotics for her lung pnumonia (sp?) and doctors say that that looks very good. She has been doing pretty well with her feedings and so we are crossing our fingers that we will get to bring her home sometime next week for a little while before her next surgury. In about a month she will come back to repair a liver hernia where a piece of her liver is pushing up into her diaphram. She has been such a strong little girl and she is such a beauty ( I swore that as a mom I wouldn’t spoil my kids but after all that she has been through, I just want to give her what ever she wants!)

Our next obstacle will be her next surgury in a little over a month and then just hoping that her shunt will continue to work correctly and that her brain will expand so that she can be developmentally as normal as possible.  (Below is her diaphram and the shunt tube curled around her stomach.)


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