Week in review

Janell has been hired perminently by one of the elementary schools in Iowa City.  Hoorah!!!  She is what they call a paraeducator.  This is especially good because the younger kids are the ones she wants to work with and she will have better hours and know where she is going day to day.  She probably does not mention this to anyone, but the school district loves her!  She has only been working for 2 months and she constantly has to turn down requests from teachers because it conflicts with another request from another school administrator.  She was supposed to start on Tuesday, but another school she is working at begged her to stay for another week, so she agreed.  That school even offered to talk to the principal of the school Janell will be working for just to have her for another week. 

Now for a funny story about Janell.  Today, excitedly began preparing some banana bars from a recipe she found online. (she gets really excited about these kinds things)  half way through the recipe Janell realised that banana bars were probably not the best recipe because we were all out of bananas.  Sad day!  She did not let it get her down though.  She finished the recipe and as I write this I am eating banana-free banana bars.  It is amazingly good!!!  She tells me she replaced the bananas with chocolate which i guess would explain it.

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