Me Love . . . COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cookie Monster, some days I know exactly how you feel.  You are not a monster at all.  Anyway, we are preparing for our first Thanksgiving away from family.  It won’t be one of our worst Thanksgivings, however.  The Robinsons have had some pretty lame Thanksgivings over the years.  Like the time we returned from a two week trip to Denmark on thanksgiving afternoon.  We purchased a Thanksgiving dinner and set it all up, but were too tired to eat it, so we ate a few bites and then went to sleep.  At 3:00 in the morning, I arose and wandered to the kitchen to find everyone else eating the cold Thanksgiving dinner right where they left it.  We also moved twice over Thanksgiving, which was less than ideal.  This Thanksgiving will be much better for Janell and me.  We are eating at a friend’s house this year.  It will be great to have a little time off to spend together.

It was 12 degrees on Friday when Janell drove me to campus and the high that day was 31 degrees.  Of course, I did not mind because I spent all day in the cozy law building, but Janell had recess duty with the kids and froze.  It was no fun.  We have not had a big snow drop yet, but we know it is coming, since it typically rains every week or at least every other week here.  It’s funny; you don’t realize you have always lived in a desert until you move somewhere where they don’t use sprinklers to keep their lawns alive.

            We went together to donate plasma so we could afford a date this week. They pay well and always put the blood right back where they found it.  Your body replenishes its plasma every 24 hours, so it is really no big loss.  The worst part for Janell is that they pump cold saline fluid into your veins to replace the fluid you lose and it makes her shiver.  Speaking of pumping blood, we are excited to see Twilight this week.  Yay!  Or at least Janell is.  I will try not to make fun of it too much.

Have a Happy day!

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