Flying West

We decided the best way to go West for the hollidays will be to building my own plane.  We will paint it purple and call it “The Janell.”  We decided against it however, considering the likely consequences depicted in the image on the left.  Janell is flying the plain and kicked me out for eating the last Oreo.

     We saw Twilight yesterday and both liked it.  Janell though the book was better, but she liked it anyway.  I thought it was a fun story and an exciting movie.  It had fairly few romance scenes for a “romance” film.  Maybe that’s why some twilight fans did not like the movie.

      I find it interesting that Bella wanted to be a vampire so she could be with her man forever.  Don’t they know you can acheive the same result in the temple, without the unearthly side effects.  Janell and I just went to the Nauvoo temple yesterday, which is a great reminder of how we, mere mortals, can be sealed together for time and all eternity.  Consequently, I strongly recomend temple marriage and promise that it is at least a little less painful than becoming a vampire.  Ouch! Janell, I was only Joking.  Anyway, three weeks till finals when I can breath again.  Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

For Thanksgiving we ate at our friends the Fifes’ apartment.  I played in an epic turkey bowl in the morning and am still walking funny 3 days later.

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