We Left Our Camera in CA

We have tons of great pictures from the trip, but I left my camera in Palmdale.  It should be mailed soon.  Oh well.  I will write about the trip when I get it.  This week it was colder than -20 for 2 days this week.  One of those days there was a high of -8.  I know I whine alot, but I finally think I have a reason to complain about the cold.  The frost on our windows moved inside the house so our window frames look like the inside of the freezer.  it is so cold that salt won’t melt so they just cover the snow in the road with sand.  My question is: where is this global warming I have been hearing about?  It hasn’t been so cold in Iowa in 10-20 years.  I hope we really are significantly accelerating global warming, and I hope I experience some of it in the next winter or two.  Anyway, enough complaining  Have a great day!

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