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Chocolate Bananas Cure Cancer

(From Janell)                       

Top News Headlines of the week……

Law Memo Melts Brain of Unexpecting Law Student…

Can Chocolate Bannanas make you smarter?

Iowa City Gas Prices Lowest in Nation.

Janell Preaches Fire and Brimstone To Ward.

Horse Comes Out of Woman’s Ear in Nauvoo IL

Voters Turn Out in Record Numbers.

That’s right….Darren’s brain is a pile of mush after he worked on his law memo  all day yesterday. Ok- so that might be a bit of an exageration but he has been working very hard and i am so proud of him. His second law memo is due right before Thanksgiving. He was at the law school all day on Saturday and by the end of the day his poor brain was about to explode. He has been working so hard and I am so proud of him for all the hours  of studying that he is putting in right now.

So if I were a scientist i would do a study on chocolate Bannanas because they are delicious. There has to be some great health bennifit….they cure cancer, right?  Right now we are eating chocolate covered bannanas and they are so yummy! Darren has chocolate all over his mouth and it looks like lipstick. hehehe

So my mom said that in Utah everyone was talking about how the lowest gas prices in the nation right now are in Iowa. Gas is currently 1.99$ which is great…the Nauvoo temple has been closed the last few weeks for cleaning but we can’t wait to take a road trip there when it reopens especially because of gas being so inexpensive!

Fire and Brimstone might be a bit of an exageration but last week I taught 3 nephi 16, 20-21 in Sunday School. I feel like the lesson went well but I still have alot to learn about being a good teacher and am just hoping I will get a little better every week. Darren is teaching his institute class this Wed, and he is  covering some chapters from Revelation ( Good luck- hun…..)hehehe He will be great. Darren has so many talents, I knew of many of them before we got married but the more time goes by I am more and more amazed at all the strengths and abilities that he has and to what extent he has them.

It has turned very cold this last week and I am still trying to get over being sick, because I go outside with kids at recess, it seems like it has been a slow road for my body to get better.

We were touring Nauvoo when a horse randomly exited Janell’s ear.  The picture speaks for its self. (Darren)

We went and voted on Nov 4th- it was surprisingly easy to register – Darren says so easy that we should have done it twice ( hahah) -We registered on the spot with out of state Drviers licenses and were in and out within 15 minutes. We are some of the few Republicans in our county but it sure is fun to be in a minority for once. 

In other news….Univeristy of Iowa beat number three Penn state yesterday by one point! The whole city was both very excited and very drunk yesterday. People sure love their beer here in Iowa….

Note From Darren: Janell has quite the flair for melow drama.  I wish our life was really that interesting.  I guess as a reporter you have to make boring stories sound interesting.  It would also help it you wrote in the comments box about how interesting you think our lives are our lives are.  Humor us please.  Anyway, Janell is big sweetheart and is super nice to me.  She thinks I am handsome even though my hair is so long and mangy at this point I look like a shaggy bear.   She is so supportive I can’t even believe it.  I don’t know how other law students handle it without their own personal Janell.  Here is a headliner for you:

Iowa City Woman Wins Nobel Prize for Outstanding Excellence in Wifology.

(10 million clever blogging points to me.)

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Law School 101

From Janell: Darren’s birthday is on friday!!! I think I am more excited then he is about it though….So Darren and I went to the Law School’s, “Family and Friends Day” yesterday morning and got some yummy food as well as some sound advice on , “what I can do to help my law student get through the next few years.” 

My favorite line from the whole event was when the student panel said that in the program “the first year they scare you to death, the second year they work you to death and the third year they bore you to death”. Ha…. ha…..that is quite the desciption if I ever heard one. 

After going to things like this or just talking to others who have been through the law school experience I can’t help but feel blessed as I have been very spoiled with time from Darren. I am not sure if things are just clicking faster for him or what but I get to see and spend alot more time with him than I originally thought I was going to – mind you we haven’t reached finals time yet, and I am sure that time will be a whole other experience but for now I feel very blessed to get to see and spend time with my best friend every day.

So we are pretty tight right now financially and so we have been trying to cut corners and be as frugal as we can with things- so many of our dates consist of running to the public library and checking out movies- the cool thing is that they get new releases in about a week after they come out so we get to watch those for free! wa hoo! Speaking of running- we ran two days last week  ( one of the days I jogged 5 miles- I was very proud of myself), we are trying to be better about this but it is getting pretty cold outside which only makes it harder.  I have been sick for the lats few days which has been a bummer- I always get sick…but Darren never does- where is the justice?! 

Today was our stake conference and so we got to drive to the building that is right down the street from us- ya! It is too bad that our stake building is closer than our ward one but that is how it goes sometimes. They focused some on missionary work and setting our priorities in line (referenced Elder Oaks’, “Good, Better, Best” talk), but the main theme of the morning was on the importance of lifting the youth in the stake. They talked about how important it is no matter what your calling to get to know the names of the youth in your ward and get involved in their lives. (Go attend their games, performances..exc….)  

Friday is Darren’s birthday and he will be 25- so now he can rent cars without an additional fee, a-h-h-h lifes little joys.  Another little joy….Gas is gone down to  2.34 a gallon in Iowa City! This is great news, as hopefully food will start to go down a little bit too. Well- I will sign off for now. 

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Week in review

Skies are blue in Iowa City!  It is such a beautiful day today.  Yesterday we even watched part of a session of conference outside (on my computer at the law school).  A mechanic told us that the engine in our van will likely blow at any moment.  Luckily we were able to find a good car within our budget and trade it in before the dismal event occurred.  It’s a beautiful baby Buick and we are naming her Bella.

The car is so roomy and the seats are huge.  I can see why old people like Buicks so much. 

Janell:  Darren thinks he is so cool, but he is not.  Darren:  No I don’t.  Janell: I have proof, look.

See!  Darren:  I guess you are right.  I really don’t remember saying that though.

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AAAAAAA, The server crashed!!!

In case anyone checks this site, I lost all my databases when the server randomly crashed.  Unfortunately I have no time to rebuild at the moment so it will have to happen gradually.  Our happenings will be on this page at the moment.  The tech support said that it was the only time when such a crash has ever happened to the.  It’s my fault anyway, for not backing them up.  Darrenandjanell.com/darren is still there, but all that does is point to databases.  Oh well.  My hosting company is a non profit so  I will let it slide.  Anyway, Janell has decided to work for the school district as a substitute teacher.  We like it because it is flexible and pays better than the Marriot.  We found a 4 inch centipede in our bathroom this morning, which really woke us up to say the least. I’m starting to worry that we will run into a bug so large, my size 13 shoe won’t squash it.  Anyway, check back regularly.  I will restore the other pages soon.  Poor kessia. I finally got Kessia to write in her blog and the server went down right after.  Any way, thanks for stopping in!!!!!!!

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