Janell’s Birthday and Elephant Butt

butt lake

For Janell’s birthday we went to Elephant Butte reservoir and rented a Pontoon Boat. (yes that is the real name, and no we could not resist the photo opportunity.)  We cruised down the lake at about 15 MPH and sent the water birds diving for cover.  We were surprised by how beautiful and vast the lake is.  We sped down the reservoir for over an hour and could not see the end.  Later we found out that the thing is 40 miles long, so we were nowhere close.  To see a video, CLick this link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/t2msSuA5jqEhrvsJ7

sparkys IMG_0832

Next we went to a famous restaurant, called Sparkys on the way back, in Hatch, NM.  Hatch is the Chile pepper capital of the world so, of course, everything had chillies on it and burned us alive. Heat aside, it was pretty good.

Janell also requested an “incredibles” themed party, so I ordered matching shirts and we went to see the movie on Saturday.  Lillia decorated an incredibles-themed cake.  Happy birthday Janell!

movie2 cake

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