Prop 8, some thoughts

     Since everyone else is publicly mentioning something on the issue, I thought I would share some of my personal thoughts.  To Janell and I, marriage is something sacred.  Most religions feel the same.  Most religions that believe the Bible believe homosexuality is a sin and therefore homosexual marriage is inherently wrong.  It is really hard to get around Romans: 1 and Leviticus 18.  That being said, it is never appropriate to persecute anyone just because they commit sins because we all commit sins.  I believe as Christians we have a duty to be kind to all people including homosexuals.  We can’t however, vote to legally define something we find inherently wrong as the same as something inherently sacred.  We cannot call evil good or good evil.  When we do so, society falls apart.  Just ask Isaiah.  He said:Woe unto them that call aevil bgood, and good evil; that put cdarkness for dlight, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! ”

point#2 (Non-religious)

     Marriage is not a limitless right.  It never was.  Polygamist groups are keenly aware of this.  The US does not recognize every form of marriage.  We don’t let adults marry children.  We don’t allow polygamy.  we don’t allow brother and sister to marry.  We allow certain kinds of marriages, but not others.  usual it is because certain kinds of marriage are bad for society.  Most California voters think that Same sex marriage is a kind of marriage we should not allow.  I personally believe that such an allowance would be harmful to society.

      If we do decide to redefine marriage, we should at least do it to respect something constitutionally protected like Religion.  Many Muslims are prohibited from practicing poligamy by the traditional definition of marriage in the law.  I would much rather see the legal definition of marriage changed for a person’s constitutionally protected right to worship.  (I also think freedom of religion is sacred).

     Prop 8 excludes a type of marriage, irrespective of race, class, or sexuality.  Heterosexuals are equally barred from same sex marriages and homosexuals are allowed to pursue traditional marriages.  Prop 8 does not deprive Homosexuals of any rights that the rest of us have.  It is not a civil rights issue.  It is not like race.  The law should protect all races equally. The law should make not have a different law for different races (except for affirmative action laws for reasons I will not go into).  Likewise the law should not provide different laws for homosexuals and heterosexuals.  Homosexuality is not a race; it is a propensity, sometimes very strong, to act in a certain way.  Civil justice does not require that we change the laws to accomidate behaviors of a group of people who have a propensity to act a certain way.  Civil justice requires only that we make laws equal.  That is probably why 70% of African American voters in CA did not feel bad about voting for prop 8.

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