Spring Break

     We stayed home most of this week (while I studied).  From Thursday night to Saturday morning we went to Galena, Il to take a little break.  It is a little resort town surrounding President Grant’s home and some civil war memorials.  We walked around a bunch of shops and tasted about 30 different flavors of salsa and BBQ sauce.  I tried a salsa claimed to be made from the world’s hottest pepper.  (I looked it up and since 2007 it is actually known as the world’s second hottest pepper.)  Anyway, it was enough to seriously scorch me, even though I only consumed a tiny amount.  Our favorite part was the apartment we stayed in, provided through my parents’ time share.  It had a fireplace next to a huge jacuzzi tub.  We also took advantage of the grill next to the pool.  We barbecued Chicken, pork, salmon, zucchini, squash, and Pineapple and ate it all in the same meal.  We also took advantage of the washer and dryer down the hall, by bringing all of our laundry and washing it for free.  It was a nice break.  See the rest of the pics at www.darrenandjanell.com/pics

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